Enigma, a pendant pursuing the theme of indirect gentle light, uses a compact halogen lamp for its light source. Strong direct light emitted from the halogen lamp hits each of the shades with precision and then most of the light goes through the shades and becomes soft transmitted light spreading downward.

Light is reflected and diffused on the upper side of the shades, going around across the space. The upper side of shades, where is directly lighted is matte-finished and the lower side is gloss-finished. This unique acrylic processing is necessary for beautiful expression and pleasant lighting. The compact light source contributes to the epoch-making innovative form to separate the source part from the shades, which create soft light. As soon as lighted by the separated light source, these four shades waft in the air.

The expression created by transmitted light through the shades has been never found in other lighting fixtures before. This pendant is designed to try to hide the light source from every viewing angle and provide glare-free lighting. Enigma has realized an ideal of lighting to provide high-quality light through a functionally beautiful form.



Enigma 425
Enigma 545
Enigma 825

manufacturer : louis poulsen
Photographer : Kaslov Studio