This pendant is created to provide comfortable light as a new expression of the state-of-the-art LED light source. Its gently curved shade looks like an object hovering in the air.

The compact LED light source contained in the small lamp fitting is designed to send out light both upward and downward. The rays emitted upward from the source project a flower-like pattern on the center of the shade and the soft indirect light reflected from the shade spreads all over the space. As controlled by the reflector, downward light diffuses as gentle and functional illumination.

The optical representation generated from the features of the LED light source and innovations is a whole new way, offering a new direction for future lighting.

The lighted fixture sets a pleasant tone while the unlit gives another look and serves as a beautiful art object. You can savor the item in two ways.


小型の灯具部分に収納されたコンパクトなLED光源は、上下に光を生み出すよう設計されました、灯体のLEDから上部に放たれた光が中央のシェードに花のようなパターンを描き、シェードでバウンドした光は柔らかな間接光となって空間全体に拡がります。 下面方向には反射板で制御された柔らかで機能的な光が拡がります。



manufacturer : yamagiwa corp.